Course curriculum

    1. Introduction to the Course

    2. What We Need to Get Started

    3. Wine Temperature & How We Hold Our Wine Glass

    4. What We Need Checklist and Tips

    5. Wine Tasting Sheet

    6. Wine Tasting Order

    1. What Can Color Tell Us About a Wine

    2. Where Does Wine Get Its Color

    3. Clarity

    4. More Clarity on Clarity

    5. How Wine Color Changes With Age

    6. How to Recognize Oak on a White Wine

    7. Swirling & Legs

    8. How Acidity Affects Wine Color

    1. Where Does Wine Get Its Smell

    2. Wine Aroma Compounds

    3. What the %@#$ is Carbonic Maceration???

    4. Malolactic Fermentation (WINE GEEK ALERT)

    5. Aromas from Oak Chart

    6. Swirling & Smelling

    7. Smell and Memory

    8. Orthonasal and Retronasal

    9. Memory Database

    10. Assignment #1

    11. Wine Faults

    12. Wine Faults Chart

    13. Aroma Intensity

    14. Aromas of White Wine

    15. Aromas from White Wine Chart

    16. Aromas of Red Wine

    17. Aromas of Red Wine Chart

    18. Signature Scents

    19. Signature Scents & Deductive Tasting

    1. How to Taste Wine

    2. The Elements in Wine

    3. Retronasal Olfaction

    4. How to Identify Acidity

    5. Assignment #2

    6. High Acid Wine Chart

    7. How to Identify Sweetness in Wine

    8. A Bit More About Dry vs Sweet

    9. How to Identify Body in Wine

    10. Light-Bodied and Full-Bodied Wines

    11. How to Identify Texture and Tannins in Wine

    12. Assignment #3

    13. All Your Questions about Tannins Answered

    14. How to Identify Alcohol in Wine

    15. How to Talk About the Finish

    16. Wine Tasting Conclusions

    1. Wine #1

    2. Wine #2

    3. Wine #3

    4. Wine #4

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This is the ideal wine tasting course if you want to:

  • Train your palate to detect aromas and flavors.

  • Build a rich sensory vocabulary to describe wines.

  • Identify what you like and don't like about a wine.

  • Be able to make the right choice in a restaurant wine list.

  • Stop wasting money on wines you don't like.

  • Impress your loved ones with your knowledge.

Customer Reviews

“Honestly there's nothing to not love about this course regardless of where you are in your wine journey. There's a really great balance of videos and written materials, along with some fantastic graphics, and truly enjoyable bonus videos on how to order wine in a restaurant and buy it in a store. Anna Maria presents everything in such an approachable and relatable way. I've taken several tasting and certified educational courses but I found some of her explanations and just her wording really made concepts I "knew" finally click. And I found some new ways to describe wine to my own tasting groups! ”

Andrea Lemieux

“I love wine so much but every time I have a conversation with a sommelier at a restaurant or a winery I am overtaken with major imposter syndrome. I SO enjoyed how Anna Maria is knowledgeable yet extremely unpretentious - she made this course fun and practical. It's organized by Basics, then the senses of Eyes, Nose, Mouth, and Tastings. Each section contains various videos where Anna Maria walks you through wine characteristics - such as color and clarity - and supplements info with charts and pictures. There were a lot of details balanced with clear take-home messages so I knew what to focus on. I found the course to be really entertaining and interesting, and there was a lot of cuteness and humor from Anna Maria. Overall, I learned a lot and plan to replay sections of the course to help guide me through more wine tasting practice at home!”

Vanessa Fanourgiakis